Giving Birth

Within the last 2 weeks, I have 2 friends who had just given birth to 2 lovely babies. One via natural the other C-section and I am counting down to mine. Though according to the Obst that I am technically due on 13 Oct but the baby an come any time between the week 38 onwards.

I am getting my prepared for it but not now at least and I know the baby can still afford to be in there for 2 more weeks... I need some space for myself before that and I hope the Lord will grant me that

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Pearl said...

cherish this time that you can be alone with john. go watch a movie or have tea or chill out somewhere that you both enjoy before the whole busy ordeal kicks in. you guys might miss all the above for a while before you can ask someone to baby the little chiongster for a while.

so cherish!