John and I had a long day, we were at the Gynea this morning and she was as usual smiley all the way saying many nice things about me and the baby... indeed now we cant see much of here movements but excitingly, we saw her little ears and we are happy!!!

then, following the day we were all over the place from Marine Parade to Raffles Place to Ikea to Toa Payoh acting as busy parents trying to finish up some last minute shopping for me and the little J, later we met up with my in-laws and we continue shopping... It's like a never ending journey!

Well, but in short we kindly had some achievements by getting a few essentials for her like matteress which then we can leave the rest till she's born. That's not very far away though...2-4 weeks' time! Will keep you people updated then.

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kenyc said...

hi there..
got your text. i will be praying for u pretty stoked..schools great got a bit to do but work never ends..haven't killed myself this sem..rather its been really awesome..much to say rather in person.
i will keep yourself, john n the kid in prayer.
much love