Week 38

Yes! It's about time that the little JODEE can pop out (anytime) from this heavily inflated mummy's tummy but I hope it's not as soon as now!

Yah, I have been praying and talking to our little girl to grant me some "personal" time with papa john and we are postive about it. I have also been advised to keep track of her daily movements, as for today I did some notes from after lunch onwards. I notice her movements are fairly active but not really as consistent as some of the other babies I came across but I guess she is special and nothing is that alarming...

Sometimes, she can give us surprise kicks that is so hard and steady that I wonder where she gets all her strength from?!?!!? I can only laugh and smile contentedly...hehehe

Her movement charts after Lunch:
2.26pm: faintly *post lunch* movement
2.29pm: kicks 3 times
2.45-2.56pm: Hiccups ( feels like pulsating in your stomach )
4.17pm: wriggles of hands & feet
7.24pm: wriggles *post dinner*
11.24pm: hands & legs movements
11.46-12.10am:Wriggles when music is on...

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Shawna said...

awww.. she's so sweet..