I am going to take some pictures of the "growing" mummy. I haven't been taking much cos the progress is so little month by month except for now. I am truly feeling all the stretching and pulling of every part from my chest down.

Never knew our skin is so elastic and highly stretchable, while the lil one is happily growing and playing in there I am also counting my days when the BIG day be... I was busy preparing my wedding stuffs this time last year and now I have faithfully graduated to being a hilarious I thought!

well, I have been dreaming alot these days too. Many weird dreams like I was in this pre-war chinatown trying to hide my pregnancy from the japanese to wild dreams in the jungle... Half the time, I hardly see JohnC, wonder where had he been??? Hmmmm...

Diet of the day:
-Breakfast: Mixed veg rice
- Lunch : Bread, 10 Cherries & Milk
- Dinner : Not sure but I think gonna be good stuffs
- Supper : Chilled Bird's Nest Soup

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