Jodee's Vocabulary

Jodee's been learning a hign speed these days, she'll surprise us with a new word on an average of 2 days. Some are accurate where the rest are merly sounds alike...Her current Vocabulary includes:

-papa (dad version 1)
-dey deeee ( dad version 2: with an extra long sounding DEE )
-nan nan (milk)
-Mum Mum ( Food )
-ma ma (mum version 1 )
-ma mee (mum version 2)
-Jo dee (herself)
-yea yea ( Paternal grandpa in Cantonese )
-ma ma ( Paternal grandma in Cantonese )
-po po ( grandma in Cantonese)
-Sok Gong ( Grand-uncle in Cantonese )
-Yee Yee ( Aunt in Cantonese )
-Che Che ( Aunt in Cantonese)
-Kao Foo ( Uncle in Cantonese)
-Kam Mol ( Aunt- my sis in law in Cantonese )
-Ah Hai ( Shoe in Cantonese )
-SHUE ( shoe in English )
- Bag
-Pak Pak ( Bath in cantonese Slang )
-Chey Chey ( Car in Cantonese )
-Oi ( Want in Cantonese )
-M' Oi ( Don't want in cantonese )
-Tor Che ( Thanks in Catonese )
-Xie Xie ( Thanks in Mandarin )
-Taek ( Kick in cantonese )
- Turn
- Chor Chor ( Sit down in cantonese )

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souvenir kattunge said...

This is perfect! I've started exchanging emails with my Gong Gong and I get stuck on what I call my other relatives.