Welcome to first year!

Jodee has been getting more kile a toddler these days, slowly losing any remaining fats and using all up for all her activites. She never seems to be gaining weight but obviously taller.

We had bought her a new pait of walking sandles today. Her very first as she's now exploring walking ( assisted version ) and sometimes faster than us. I can imagine now imagine the speed once she know how to ealk on her own and that will be a treasure hunt for us!!! I am looking forward to 2006, as this will be a fresh year or me and jodee as I decide to spend more time with her. Finally, I am going to set some house-commandments! yay!

Having to look back, 2 years had just passed like a breeze... very soon Jodee will be a big girl, I pray for the wisdom of the Lord to be us and guide us well in parenting this next generation.

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