sorry no pictures...yet

i have yet to master the ability to upload pictures to blog. BOOOOO!!! so the last note was invalidated!
Well, both dad and mama had been too busy doing things of our own and had not been diligent enough to post pictures we had taken. the matter of fact is JODEE is a big girl now, coming to end of 9month in less than a week and weigh a hefty 8kg. I'm feeling the strain on my back...

She had been up to some new tricks like standing up and jumping onto people( those whom she deems fit) she's highly- selective with her playmates. She PICKS her friends. Don;t be surprise that she will screams at you even if she finds you funny that's her way of telling " HELLO!!!" She's one dolly that smiles perpectually to anyone, everyone...except don't disturb her when she needs her rest or milk...she can bite now that she had 2 lower teeth sprouting from her itchy gums. if she bits just pretend it's not painful...hhahaha.

well, i've said much about this little baby... if you wanna catch a glimpse of her allure. come down to baybeats 2005 and perhaps you may have a chance to play with her.

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