Babies are Gifts

It's been more than 1 mpnth since my work has gone part-time, this will give me more time with jodee and I did had a good by large. I was excited about her ever smiley face, her powerful claws, and even just seeing her sleeping on my arms is such a pleasure, blessing... Having her by my side most of the time had led to re-organise my life to adjust around her daily routine, it was hard in the beginning and I simply have to drop certain activites just to be with her. I thought some of my peers are sweet and understanding to even shift our "meetings" to my home so I can still enjoy "hanging-out" with jodee around.

Having a baby/kid is not as " scary" as some might had thought but certainly, we need to have lotsa of grace from God, supporting husand/wife (like johnC ), loving family who always love to help us and a group of like-minded, understanding peers who know the importance of family lives. I am blessed to have all of those. God is Good!

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