5 month old

lil jodee has turned 5 month today! so fast eh... We kinda love these days more than ever cos' she's been cooing alot more and indeed like me she's highly active and sometimes talkative but I really love her the way she is. I have heard scary stories from friends' friends that they were so stressed out at work that they do vent their neg. emotions on their little ones. I really hope the Lord will guard my heart when it comes to child-minding.

Till date, here are some new things Jodee is capable to do:
- Hold her milk bottle during her feeding time. ( well trained by grandma)
- Tell you she's ready for poopoo, she'll make the " ng-ng.... " noise
- Raise her both arms and ask you to carry her...
- Turn from her Left to Right
- Able to hold her neck up without support
- Graps anything and everything and pop into her mouth!

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