Many books I read say breastfeeding is the best! And I can't deny it anymore and it's so true.

You may not know ( but now you do lah...) that Jodee is a totally breastfed child since birth. Initially I thought I might just breastfeed her for 2-3 weeks and then will turn to formula milk in case she's didn't get enough but the amazing fact is she had never once "under-fed' but instead I am now getting surplus on top of what she is receiving. Therfore, I am now happily "expressing" the extra for future use.

This has allow me to learn something exciting about God. My body will never run dry of milk unless I stop feeding the baby or she refuses it, just like God...He will continue to provide for our needs no matter what He is our provider and He knows how much and exactly when we need it...God is amazing! isn't it? so it's like the more we pursue God, He will reveal deeper side of Him to us...It's so Awesome! It's a timely encouragement to me not to stop breastfeeding Jodee ( try to sustain as long as possible...) and secondly, I am thrilled to see God's love for us through what I am likewise doing for my very own flesh and blood.

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Pearl said...

you are ever so amazing and so in love with God. I am really encouraged by your God loving words said everytime.

dee good job as a first time mother. i'm also total breastfeed cleo till now. hope to continue as long as possible.