week 34

According to the gynea, the baby could be out anytime from 1st Oct onwards and we are pretty excited. Besides, I have been feeling tired more easily than ever, I have tried to cut down on activities and meetings in the evening so I can go home and rest and do some light reading before sleep at 11p.m.

ha! when the baby comes there will be more changes and adjustments to be made and we just prayed that things will be alright.Looking forward to my massage session on this coming Saturday...yay!

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Anonymous said...

hi d,soon you'll be able to post up pics of your baby on this blog ! what's her name ? we haven't thought of one for ours yet hehe..i think the next thing after our housewarming would be setting up the baby room - so far nothing is done yet.yah man.. i get tired too, and can't walk for too long. you take care and take lots of rest - Hazel